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- Heatable acupuncture massage ball
- Reduces pain
- Provides deep muscle relaxation
- Can be used to massage feet, legs, back, glutes

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What is Acuball?

Endurance athletes can benefit greatly from using the Acuball, a massage ball with acupressure nubs, as it is an excellent tool for relieving everyday muscle and joint pain on your own, almost anywhere in your body. This tool can be used to relax muscles, improve blood circulation, and facilitate the release of analgesic neurotransmitters into the nervous system. Additionally, endurance athletes can heat the Acuball by placing it in the microwave for just one minute, and it will stay hot for over an hour. This heat element is crucial in facilitating muscle relaxation. Developed by Canadian physician Michael Cohen, the Acuball, Acuball mini, and Acuback are highly popular in North America due to their efficiency and ease of use. The Acuball's patented design combines acupressure and heat to relax muscle contractures and connective tissues, improve joint mobility, stimulate blood circulation to oxygenate tissues, and remove waste.

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